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How can a pair of sexy socks upgrade men's taste?

November 01,2023

It was a weekend night, around winter, when Liu Zhimao, who had been single for 24 years, finally had dinner with his beloved girl, had two drinks, and had an ambiguous conversation all night. He walked up to the girl's door, where the heavens gave him the opportunity to enter her house:

My phone is out of battery. Can I go to your house to recharge it

Just as he walked into the door and took off his Chelsea boots, his tattered socks suddenly disappeared, and his simple thumbs cheerfully greeted everyone. Liu Zhimao knew that he would definitely go home alone tonight.

In daily life,  socks  are the most easily overlooked clothing for men. Even before a date, they grab something to wear, regardless of style, color scheme, or even whether it's worn or not. It's this "casual" behavior that makes you suddenly feel awkward in situations such as massaging, bathing, visiting others' homes, shopping malls, and changing clothes.

What most men don't realize is that with a little attention, socks not only won't bring embarrassment, but they are also the easiest to express personal style during dates, making the outfit more complete and becoming a highlight in plain outfits.

This article mainly focuses on medium length socks, and the following four types of socks have a high level of coquettishness from low to high, and the difficulty of wearing them from low to high. Gentlemen can choose according to their needs.

Textured knitted socks

If you're used to ordinary solid colored socks, you can start with textured knitted socks.

Their colors are mostly solid, but there are varying degrees of knitted patterns to embellish them, such as ribbed or twisted patterns, which give the socks a textured texture and make you more unique in the eyes of girls.


In terms of pairing, textured knitted socks belong to the low-key and coquettish style, suitable for professions such as lawyers who frequently go to formal occasions. Pairing them with formal attire is also the most suitable way to win the favor of the opposite sex in occasions such as dinners.

Due to its unique pattern mechanism, even wearing black socks looks more special than ordinary plain socks. The girl sitting next to you looks down at your sexy socks and probably looks up at you.

In addition to formal occasions and daily appointments, you can also choose brightly colored knitted socks. Wearing a plain color through the socks, you suddenly catch the key.

After work, go to the bar for a drink, sit down, and the girl can see your interesting inner self from your socks at a glance.

Polka dot socks


Compared to textured knitted socks, the wavy spots are clearly visible on the roof.

This is a pattern composed of solid dots, which are usually of the same size and arranged tightly on the socks, making it a rather coquettish choice.

It is said that this name originated from the Polka dance craze that swept Europe in the mid-19th century. Due to people's belief that the pattern perfectly matched the cheerful and lively nature of dance, they simply named the pattern after this dance name.

Europeans are absolutely crazy about Polka, just like this pattern was often used in Charleston Dance in the 1920s to complement the lively dance steps. Wearing such a pair of socks on a date is enough to represent that you are humorous and full of interest, never bored.

According to the size of the pattern, polka dot socks are divided into low-key wavelet dot socks and exaggerated large polka dot socks.

The arrangement of wavelet points and sock points is more sparse, and the shape of the wave points is smaller, making them appear less aggressive and more introverted.

When pairing with formal attire, you can try some coquettish colors, such as a gray suit that can be paired with a pair of coquettish rose red socks. On the surface, it looks gentle but in private, it's not as coquettish.

Compared to wavelet points, large ones are more eye-catching, especially when you sit down and expose your ankles.


Enjoying the afternoon sunshine on a bench in the People's Park on a day off, passing girls will definitely be attracted by your coquettish socks first, and then raise their eyes to your face. If you happen to look at the girl and smile at her at this moment, I believe everyone will blush.

When going out for outdoor activities, a pair of eye-catching orange polka dot socks immediately brings to life the white T-shirt and jeans that straight men have. Even if you are not skilled in skateboarding, there will be girls who want to learn from you.

Checkered socks


Plaid pattern is a pattern composed of several different colors of straight and horizontal stripes interwoven, with sharp patterns and fancy colors. In dating, it gives girls a male image that balances flirtatiousness and sense of order.

Here we mainly introduce two types of checkered socks: checkerboard pattern and diamond pattern.

The checkerboard pattern, also known as Sillitoe Tartan, originated from police uniforms.

It is named after Sir Percy Sillitoe, the head of the Glasgow police force in Scotland, who first introduced checkerboard patterns in police uniforms in 1931 to increase the visibility and recognizability of the police.

To this day, when you wear a pair of checkerboard socks, their ostentatious level and even the classic British aesthetic make it clear to the opposite sex.

In terms of pairing, the checkerboard pattern is generally small and dense, and it is most suitable to pair with formal shoes, giving a sense of regularity and drama. At the same time, its color selection is more diverse and can be matched according to the color of the tie or pocket towel.

You can even match the color of your socks with the color of your car. At first glance, this car is definitely yours, and the girl will definitely be happy to go for a ride with you.

Compared to the small checkerboard pattern, diamond patterned socks are more prominent and classic.

It is a pattern consisting of multiple overlapping diamond shapes, with a color scheme typically consisting of bright colors colliding with soft dark colors.

The diamond pattern is said to have originated in Argyllshire, West Scotland. As early as the 16th century, Scots began wearing diamond stockings, paired with a men's dress, a Scottish skirt. It is not only coquettish, but also reminiscent of the bold and unrestrained taste in a "brave heart".


In terms of pairing, diamond checkered patterns are usually used to pair with leather shoes, and pairing with your AJ sneakers inevitably gives you a strange feeling of being out of context.

In terms of color, you can choose from diamond shaped color blocks to match the colors of the clothes. For example, in the diamond checkered socks below, there is a blue block corresponding to the suit. Men who can pay attention to details in such places naturally appeal to women more.

Irregular pattern socks


This is the most provocative and versatile sock. There are a variety of patterns to choose from, including letters, graffiti, or commemorative symbols.

Irregular pattern socks were born in recent years, and the patterns represent the attitude or personal preferences that the wearer wants to express, making them a must-have for street monsters nowadays.

The pattern is casual and naturally showcases the strongest personal style.

For example, the most popular villain clown is wearing a pair of yellow and green patterned socks, which is very seductive. Imagine if he wore a pair of black socks, it really didn't fit his crazy personality.

In terms of pairing, you can choose the pairing based on personal style preferences or the attitude you want to express.

For example, when wearing a motorcycle leather jacket, pairing it with a pair of NEIGHBORHOOD socks with "Cash from Chaos" as the core of motorcycle culture is the true Punk. The girl who loves to rock must be happy to rock with you at Live House.

A bolder way to wear them is to hide a pair of interesting socks in your formal attire, which makes it easier to remember but also makes it easy to get beaten.

By comparison, matching street style leaf patterns, text slogans, and explosive color schemes are more likely to make girls believe that you are an interesting man.

Finally, there are 5 small tips for wearing socks for you:

Please wear pairs of undamaged socks. I have seen this low-level mistake on men more than once, it's really terrifying.

Please leave your white socks at the gym and court. It's not MJ, you really can't wear it well.

The socks should be changed and washed every day, not only to avoid the smell of your feet fuming the girls during the date, but also with the deodorant spray sprayed in the shoes. Also note that socks and underwear cannot be washed at the same time!

The material style of socks should be consistent with the wearing style, for example, sports socks should not be paired with formal shoes, as there are essential differences in the material between formal socks and sports socks.

The color of socks should be consistent with the color of pants, and it is best to match the color of the half body. For example, if light colored pants are paired with light colored socks, and the color of the socks matches accessories such as ties, your position in a girl's heart will reach its peak in a moment.

The above is all the content that attracts girls to flirt with socks.

A pair of socks is not expensive and can be paired with a variety of styles, making it a finishing touch for the whole body. It can be considered the most attractive high priced item for men.

Sometimes, in the eyes of girls, the difference between men and women is just a pair of socks. With taste, there is a bit more masculine, and without taste, there is only foot odor.